Subject: The King and I
From: Elvis
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:30 AM

Here are some pics from my UFC Experience...

If I get my Casino sponsorship, this will be my new ring name and logo... ;)

Tito and I

Marks and I

Kevin and I

What I did to Kevin after the told a bad joke...

Giant Joe Silva and I

Subject: RE: INFO
From: JFA
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:33 AM

great pics Elvis. You are the man!

Subject: RE: INFO
From: pele1
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:33 AM

pretty cool pics......

Subject: RE: INFO
From: camal
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:33 AM

kewl pics, damn your huge compared to Randleman

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Kings OF Pancrase
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:33 AM

It looks like Kerr is wearing lipstick!! Awesome pics Elvis. I especially like the one of you choking out Kevin Randleman!!

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Goodrich
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:33 AM

cool pics elvis it isnt weird joking around so much with guys your gonna be fightin??

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Elvis
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:38 AM

Not really, I think most of us can separate the Ring from Reality... It would be difficult if we were good friends... but just being cool is ok... It just makes you appreciate just how awesome our sport and athletes are...


Subject: RE: INFO
From: Sil
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:40 AM

Nice pics Elvis. Did you speak with Pedro Rizzo?

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Elvis
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 12:49 AM

Not really, but I did give him the bandaid that he used to tape his nose after his fight... :) I did get pics with him and Marco too... Like I said, I felt like a kid in a toy store... it was awesome to be around such great fighters.


Subject: RE: INFO
From: Elvis
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 01:00 AM

Take a look at me n Tito, then me n Randleman and you'll see the size difference between those two... interesting hey... Also remember that randleman was also fighting heavyweights... Erickson must've been towering over him... Makes what he's achieved seem quite impressive...


Subject: RE: INFO
From: totaljerkface
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 01:05 AM

why would you choke randleman out like seemed to be on good terms with him in the first picture

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Mr Daniels
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 02:06 AM

Elvis, you're not closing the choke correctly. Maybe we can meet up so I can teach you how to fight like a man. LOL Nah, you da man Elvis!

Subject: RE: INFO
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 02:17 AM

LOL at Tito's signature "reverse nod" pose.

LOL @ Kerr's lipstick.

LOL@ Randleman going nighty-nite.

LOL @ Elvis "I'm just happy to be here and kick some ass" Sinosic.

Elvis, were you sizing them up as future possible opponents? I mean were you thinking "Tito's my size I can take im" or "Kevin's real short I can kick 'im in the head" LOL. Any thoughts like that as you might meet them in the ring soon?

Subject: RE: INFO
From: barracade
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 04:53 AM

did randleman cut a few inches of leg off to get down to middleweight, that guys tiny

Subject: RE: INFO
From: 2guns
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 05:45 AM

Haha Elvis looks to be surrounded by good company. That last pic scares me. And I bet Kevin won`t be telling any more bad jokes from the looks of that pic. Way to go . Thanks for posting. hope to see you back in the next UFC.

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Kirik
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 07:09 AM

Cool pics!

Subject: RE: INFO
From: Paul G
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 07:24 AM

Very cool pics Elvis. Thanks!

Subject: RE: INFO
From: IndyWrestlingPA
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 07:30 AM

Here's one more, Elvis!

Elvis Sinosic and IndyWrestlingPA
Hard Rock Cafe
February 23, 2001

Subject: RE: INFO
From: nhboz
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 07:38 AM

I am sooooooooooooooooo worried as to that huge grin on your face with a sleepy RANDELMAN in your arms. Wouldn't the photo shop develop the next shots in that sequence.


Subject: RE: INFO
From: irongame1
Date: 20-Mar-01 | 08:29 AM

Great pics. Elvis, I think that is a great display of the professionalism in the sport. In the cage it's one way, outside it's another.

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