Today 6/11 Yokohama Japan.


Japansese MMA fan Pays attention to SEIKAN-DO


SEIKEN-DO means "the techinic of controling ZONE".
One of the KENPO

This has tradition.It began....1998(^_^;).
Who make it?
SAYAMA Satoru who made SHOOTO too.Sato Rumina,Sakurai and Ensen Inoue learned from him.

Why did he retire Shooto and begin New martial art?
Because of his character.he is always the best creative and revolutionist.

He said to separate realfight show-business from usual pro-wrestling, and he was sure that realfight would be able to run as good business.

When UFC began,He called Rickson at onece,and noticed Positioning and ground punch was the most important,He changed SHOOTO rule in spite of many many objection.(Before UFC,shoot forbided them)

So Shooto has beccome the most popular MMA in Japan.

But....SAYAMA has a fault.
He is often tired of his present status and technic.He wants new challenge and experiment.but other people get this result.
(So he is called"APPLE company in MMA"(^_^;)).

He retired Shooto and make New concept.

he said"SHOOTO and Jiu-Jitu is the best fighting techinic in ONE on ONE.
But, in the street,we often meet three or four this situation.GUARD POSITION is not very useful"

So,what is effective in it?

"One of Jiu-jitu techinic KNEE ON THE STOMACH.
because we can pay attention to other opponent and control one opponent perfectly.
So SEIKEN-DO regards knee on the stomach as Finish.
Our slogan is "BE ABOVE".This martial arts is Bodyguard concept".

He insists NHB theory is changing now. Stand striking become more important.

"Igor Vof,Guy Metzer,and Pedoro,.....They reject ground in first stand wrestiling,control"command of the air "striking...they wait for opponent's tackle,and intercept it...They do natural SEIKEN-DO.I edit this techinic as One theory and manual.It is SEIKEN-DO".Base on SEIKEN-DO,I make ULTIMATE BOXING "

"Simple,it can do ground punch.if their move stop,break and restart from standing very quickly."

-----like a RINGS KOK rule?
"Break is so,but face punch is OK,no submission"

---No submission?
"If you master SEIKEN-DO,you do not need subumission.only stiriking OK"

and more important point.
When Sayama started SEIKEN-DO,he have big sponsor.
This sponsor has big connection to RUSSIA!
Russia has many many hidden strong fighter,They are poor,They want success.

Sayama call them,More than 40 fighters!!
All has martialarts title.sambo,kickboxing,judo,wrestiling....
Sayama make him fight each other and select strongest fighters.

RUSSIAN FIGHTER has natural power.....they are strongest.......

"Igor Vofchanchin is named"ULTIMATE WEAPON of RUSSIA"
But I know it is defferent.Igor is only "STANDARD WEAPON of RUSSIA!" you will know it in 6/11.

But other many Japanse fan "WHAT SAYAMA SAY IS A LOT OF HOT AIR!"

Actually,he said PRIDE MEMBER has TOM ELICSON,but famous fighter is only BURAGA and SILVA(+_+;),

We will know whether SEIKEN-DO is useful on the street,or only on the desk.

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