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PANCRASE and K-1 promotion has musiclist in their official site....


Check it,other Good List!!(外国の人が作ったリストです)


FIGHTER MUSIC ARTIST from.......(album) ETC
Opening Ceremony PRIDE . Single CD .
Winner's Theme Music Victory . Single CD ..
The music when Winner leaves ring movie "The Rock"OST(?) OST .. Rumor...Really?
The music when Winner leaves ring Lerner Landing OST Con Air ..
promotion video(old version)
"Come on Baaaby"
Narcotic Methods of Mayhem Methods of Mayhem ...
Introduce of fighters The Fight OST Con Air .
PRIDE GP final opening music Time to say good-bye Sarra Brightman Toshiba EMI feel1 /EDEN This Music is used all Tournament Final ceremony
2004,05PRIDE- GP 1st opening . . .. .
PRIDE Bushido Opening Festivo "Zato-Ichi "OST "Zato-Ichi "OST KITANO takeshi's film
2005PRIDE -GP 2nd Opening Count Five or Six Cornelius .FANTASMA .
PRIDE-28 Opening Tell Me Now (What You See OST King Arthur .
PRIDE-29 Opening 7/29/04 the Day Of OST "Ocean’s 12"OST ..
2005PRIDE -GP final Opening Wedding March Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night’s Dream .
2005PRIDE -GP ppv Ending Ascension To Virginity Dave Grusin "Ocean’s 12"OST .
PRIDE-30 Opening (Just Like) Starting Over John Lennon Double Fantasy ..
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square Manhattan Transfer Mecca for Moderns .
PRIDE Bushido 2006 GP 2nd opening
SHONEN JIDAI(when I was child) INOUE Yosui . Moviie image song
PRIDE Bushido Opening I Want To Take You Higher Steven Tyler Different Strokes By Different Folks original is Sly & The Family Stone=「Stand」
Opening animation The last man standing Eric Martin . sale on internet
. .. . ..
Aaron Riley Ch-Check It Out Beastie Boys .To the 5 Boroughs BUSHIDO-7th
Alexsander Otsuka AO(blue) corner Aonishi Takashi AO CORNER .
Alistair Overeem Barbarian Horde "Gladiator"OST OST Movie"Gladiator" vs Volk Ataev(PRIDE-24)
X Gon’Give It To Ya .DMX .Cradle 2 the Grave .PRIDE-26
2 hot 2 handle remix .Algerino(feat. Lab &K.Lion) . .PRIDE 2003 GP
Fanfarra(Cabua-Le-Le) .Serigio Mendes-Brasileiro
.Brasileiro .PRIDE-28
Main Title〜The End Music(man on fire:Soundtrack)+ .OST "Man on fire"OST .PRIDE-29 and 2005GP 1st
the Anthem2000 VARIOUS Serious Beats 46 vs Rogerio,vs Shogun
Superstring(Radio Edit)」 Cygnus X .Maxi PRIDE-31
Allan Goes Brazil Anthem . .. .vs Karl Marenco
Alex Steebling Judgement Day Method man Tical 2000: Judgement Day vs Shoji etc
Anderson Silva Musak−Wonderland Av.Remix Trisco Enma House(7) in PRIDE-21(vs Alex)
Don’t Stop til you get enough Michael Jackson.. Off the Wall i.in PRIDE-22(vs OTSUKA)
Billie Jean(?) Michael Jackson.. Thriller Rumor,really?
Remember the time Michael Jackson.. Dangerous .in PRIDE-25(vs Newton)
JAM Michael Jackson.. Dangerous in PRIDE-26(vs TAKASE)
Andrei Semenov We Will Rock You (rmx) Five & Queen . in Bushido 8th(vs D.Kang)
ANJO Yoji Traning Montage . Rockey4 OST TAKADA's entrance music(,Intro)
James Brown is Dead .LA STYLE James Brown Is Dead (X8)」 Disco Music,
2005 OTOKO Matsuri(vs Ryan Gracie)
Anthony Macias SERIAL THRILLA The Prodigy The Fat of the Land (vs SAKURABA)
Antonio Rodorigo"Minotauro"Nogeira Come with Me PUFF DADDY FEATURING JIMMY PAGE GODZILLA THE ALBUM .vs Goodridge,vs Coleman
Revolater Dragon Ash .Lily of da valley vs Bob Sapp(2002 Dynamite!)
No Way Out ZZ(Japanese Band) .Single "No Way Out" .
Antonio Rogerio Nogeira In the End Linkin park Hybrid Theory .
Revolater Dragon Ash Lily of da valley In His debut(IMANARI)
AOKI Shinya BAKA Survivor ULFULS . same as SUGIE"amazon"Dasuke
ARAI Kenji Jesus Walkst Kanye West The College Dropou vs Jpulver
Aserio Silva Blackout Louie DeVito .NYC Underground Party, Vol. 3 vs V.Overeem
Bob Sapp(Zapp) Also sprach Zarathustra Richard Strauss Classic Movie"2001space odessay"Theme,WCW champ's theme
Absorb .. . K-1(In PRIDE,onl;y Zarathutra,Dynamite! Etc is mix)
Bob Schlaber Body Count's in The House body count Body Count -
Borisov Igor Ninth Symphony (chapter 1) Beethoven . .
Branko Cikatic No Way Out (Intro) Puff Daddy & the Family No Way Out in PRIDE-1(vs White)
Hispanola Vangelis(movie OST) CONQUEST OF PARADISE("1492 Colombus OST") in PRIDE-2(vs Kerr)
Carlos Newton Making of Cyborg OST(Animation Movie) "Ghost inthe shell"OST vs Pele,
It's gonna rain! Bonnie Pink .Heaven’s Kitchen in PRIDE-25(vs Andeuson Silva)
Japanimation"Samurai X(Ruroni kenshin)"Ending music
Deep Impact
Dragon Ash .Lily of da valley vs Renzo,vs TAKASE
Men in Black OST
.OST .. .really?.This is Used in UFC?
.. .. .really?.
Right here Right Now .. ..
. . . ..
Carl Malenko Firestarter The Prodigy . The Fat of the Land
Che Mu Be Into The Arena . 2002 football World Cup Korea national football Team suporter song
Saisho kara Ima made . Fuyu no Sonata(Korean drama) vs Giant Silva, As Intro song It means"From begin to now"
CHONAN Ryo DEEP main Theme ."DEEP"'s Opening ceremony music .. As Intro,in Bushido3(vs Almeida)
Go to sleep DMX feat Eminem Obie Trice CRADLE 2 THE GRAVE .
Wait And Bleed Slipknot Slipknot Slipknot vs Dan Henderson(2005 GP)
Chuck Lidell UFC Theme 21th version . ... arranged by Zuffa version
vs Guy Mezger
Cruisrei Gracie Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit Tom Morello&Wu-Tang Clan .Loud Rocks vs SAKURAI Hayato
Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang vs Gono Akihiro
Dan Bobish Iron man Black Sabbath Paranoid vs Goodridge,vs Igor
Dan Henderson Lay it Down RATT Ratt & Roll 8191 In PRIDE debut(vs Silva)
ALIVE P.O.D Satellite in PRIDE-17(vs Ninja),20
T.N.T AC/DC High Voltage in PRIDE-24(vs Noguiera)
in PRIDE-25(vs Oyama)
Daniel Gracie Lapdance - featuring Lee Harvey/Vita N.E.R.D In Search Of... In his Debut(vs SUGIURA
Never Scared Bone Crusher AttenCHUN! vs NAKAMURA
Denis Kang Spitfire The Prodigy Always Outnumbered,Never Outgunned
Super Korean
QPIT hSecond Round (Single) ttp://music.jukeon.com/album.jo?album_id=8016135 2006 PRIDE bushido GP 1st
Don Frye USA National Anthem .. .. As intro,for 9.11people debut fight
Chaos BC OST Mortal Kombat: More Kombat In debut(vs Yvel),
METALHEAD .OST Space Ghost’s Surf & Turf: With 22 Tiki-Torched Tunes vs YOSHIDA
Don version is intro,but Albumn imusic is song
Dos Caras.Jr Sky-High Jigsaw The best of Jigsaw Famous Pro-wrestler (his father and uncle's)entrance music
We Are Gonna Make It Through+Hold On Sounds of Blackness Time for Healing vs MATSUI Daijiro
EDSON DRAGO Supermassive Black Hole Muse . vs Pauel natura
Emelianenko Fedor, National Anthems of the USSR and Union Republics . . In his debut of PRIDE(vs Schilt)as Intro.USSA anthem = present Russia anthem
Enae Volare mezzo Era Era John Leno movie"Visitor"OST
Emelianenko .Alexunder Enae Volare mezzo Era Era vs Miriko,Same as His brother
I love you,I kill you ENIGMA Love, Sensuality and Devotion .vs R.Moraes
Enson Inoue Chant of the Islands(Enson’s Chant)
alo-ha sound .Yamato Damashii Alubum title means "Spirit of Japan"
. . . .
Fabio Mello Yeah! Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris Usher Confessions−SPECIAL EDITION」
Fabricio Werdum Yeah! Usher ft Lil Jon and Ludacris .Confessions .
Main Title OST "The Last Of The Mohicans"OST Slow version of "Fort battle"
Welcome to the Jungle Guns n’ Roses Appetite for Destruction ,
Fill Baroni Mama Said Knock You Out . .
This Is My Rifle, This Is My Gun PaleFace . PRIDE Bushido 8th
Francisco Bueno Return Of The Mack Mark Morrison Return of the Mack .
FUJII Shamoji Bond Vs. Oakenfold - (Oakenfold mix)」 movie OST 007 Die Another Day .
Fujita Kazuyuki Honoo no(Burnning) fighter-orchestra version . some NEW JAPAN PROWRETLING Entrance collection.
(Foe example http://www.tomozo.com/NJPW/RingSide/CD/CD13.html )
original music is "Ali Bom ba Ye"Ali-Inoki-Fujita...
Star Cycle Jeff Beck THERE AND BACK at debut fight(2000 GP 1st)
Gary Goodridge Freewheel Burning Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith in PRIDE-1
We will rock you QUEEN .. same as K-1 Andy Hug
This Insanity . PRIDE -Fighter Theme vs Rico
Party Up (Up in Here DMX And Then There Was X vs Dan Bobish
Giant Silva Giant Press . .Pro-wrestling Q(Puroeesu Q) same as pro-wrestler Andre the Giant
Gilbert Yvel Let me clear my throat D.J.Kool .. ..
GILLES ARSENE Hunting High and Low
Infinite vs SAKURABA
GOMI Takanori Scary-Delete streamin' freq. from fear side The Mad Capsule Markets .CiSTm K0nFLiqT shooto period was "introduction 010".
GONO AKihiro And Still Roy Jones Jr Round One-the Album vs Shogun, etc
Zoku(Gono original arrange) Kishi-dan Single collection +3 vs Craucrei Gracie (Original arranged version) etc
Gracie Family Fort battle .movie OST movie"Last of Mohican"OST Ryan is defferent, Royler and Renzo used other one at some PRIDE(ex, 2)
Guy Mezger BATDANCE Prince movie ost"BATMAN" .
SERIAL THRILLA The Prodigy The Fat of the Land in pancrase,""
USE Free Music .. .. P-13,14
HAMANAKA kazuhiro Training Montage(Takada ) + Single Edit(Sakuraba) MIx Jam+Frequency .Futureshock Phantom Theory In PRIDE-26(vs Nino)
Onenight Carnival .KISHI DAN Boy’s Color .In Bushido(vs Ryan Gracie)
Hanse Nijman COLD AS ICE .Foreigner FOREIGNER .
Heath Heering El Paso .Marty Robbins Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs vsTom Ericthon?
Man With the Harmonica .Ennio Morricone Upon A Time In The West
(Western movie OST best)
vs Victor?
The good, the bad, the ugly .Ennio Morricone .The Good, The Bad & The Ugly PRIDE-15
Rodeo Garth Brooks .Ropin’ the Wind .PRIDE-13(He use it in "HERO'S"debut)
Papa Loved Mama Garth Brooks Ropin’ the Wind .
Copperhead Road Steve Earle ..Copperhead Road PRIDE.23(vs Fedor)
Southbound 35 .Pat Green .Three Days vs Mirko Crocop
Long Black Train Josh Turner .Long Black Train in 2004 PRIDE-GP.
You can listen to it in Josh Turner.com
Count Your Blessings Pat Green .Three Days PRIDE-28(vs YOKOI)
HONMA Satoru kakutougi No Theme SAKAMOTO Ryuichi SUMMER NERVOUS .
Hugo Duarte Smack My Bitch Up .The Prodigy The Fat of the Land vs M.Kerr
Igor Vovchanchyn One Of These Days Pink Floyd Meddle in His Debut(vs Gary)
Red Spectacles Kawai Kenji movie"Akai Megane(red glasses)"OST In,SomePRIDE used other one
FAZE original Album "PRIDE fighter theme" 3-4matchs?
IKEMOTO Seichi Real Rhythm official promotion music . .
IMANARI Masakazu No Ordinary Love Sade .Love Deluxe vs J.Hansen
ISHIDA Mitsuhiro HERO OST spider man .
Ishikawa Yuki Cosmichiway . .. .
Ishizawa Tokimitsu SKY WALK
(with voice"Problem")
original some NEW JAPAN PROWRETLING Entrance collection.
(Foe example http://www.tomozo.com/NJPW/RingSide/CD/CD13.html )
in New Japan prowrestling,as KA SHIN
Jadson Costa The Chain-Babealicious Mix Ferry Corsten Artist Profile Series 1 vs GOMI Takanori
Jan "The GIANT" Nortje Whoa Black Rob Life Story vs YAMAMOTO
JEAN SILVA Lado B Lado A O Rappa . vs GOMI
Jens Pulver Lil Evil . . Original Music,His firiend make it
Jeremy Horn War Is Coming Six Feet Under Warpath .
JOACHIM HANSEN Palantir Thunderbolt Demons and Diamonds .
Johil de Oliveira LONDON LONDON Gal Costa .Personalidade .
JOHN OLAV EINEMO Negative Creep Nirvana Bleach va Fabricio
Josh Barnett Army of One
(or "Saint Stillness"?)
Original . NJPW Event"Ultimet Crush!"main theme
Ai wo Torimodose! C.King Animation"Hokuto No Ken" OP/MAXI vs Mirko Cro-cop returnmatch(PRIDE-30)
Jurel Beretian Welcome to the Jumgle Guns 'n' Roses ..Appetite for Destruction .vs MATSUI,YOKOI
Kanehara Hiromitsu A Father's Nightmare(DRAGON's theme)original mix Randy Edelman KING of KINGS

KANEKO Ken 「Shake Your Tailfeather」=サントラ=「Bad Boys II」+
「Axel F」=サントラ(Harold Faltermeyer)=「Beverly Hills Cop」+
「Pump Ya Fist」=DMX(feat. Swizz Beats)=「Give ’Em What They Want」

※この「Axel F」は特定難しいですね。幾つか候補はあるんですけど、どれも微妙に違うような気がするので。まぁベタなら上記の組み合わせで如何ですか。「Beverly Hills Cop III」の、アレンジ違いでもいいですけど。
「Axel F(New York Hammer Mix)」=Club Rapper’s=「Axel F remixes」
「Axel F」=Crazy Frog=「Presents Crazy Hits」と「Maxi」
KAWAJIRI Tatsuya Water Pow B-DASH .Freedom in Shooto too
Kenneth Shamrock DANGEROUS original WWF album vol2 same as WWF period
Ken Shamrock original WWF album vol3 same as WWF period
Kevin Randleman Hot in Herre Nelly Nellyville vs OHARA
Lose Yourself Eminem 8 Mile Soundtrack -
Unbreakable PAK WRAP’D TIGHT. From vs Fedor,it is changed,Original Music
KIKUTA Sanae Heart’s On Fire . Rocky4 OST vs OTSUKA
Kimo Carmina Burana: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: I. O Fortuna Oriff from "Carmina Burana" vs Dan Severn(PRIDE-1)
Kondo Yuki Book of Days Enya .Shepherd Moons--Japanese Version look at Pancrase Info
Book of Days(English version) Enya Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya Both English versiion and other language version are used
KOSAKA Tsuyoshi (TK) Driving South Stone Rose .Second Coming vs Fedor and RINGS period
KOTANI NAOYUKI Du Hast OST The Matrix: Music From The Motion Picture PRIDE Debut(2005GP)
Lado B Lado A O Rappa Lado B Lado a vs LUIZ AZEREDO
Vida Loka parte 1 Racionais MC's .Nada Como Um Dia Apos O Outro Dia vs KAWAJIRI.Brazilian Song?
MAEDA Yoshiro Rainbow man The Yellow Monkey . .
Mario Sperry . . .. .
FIFA 2002 World Cup Anthem(synthesizer version) Vangeris ..2002 FIFA World Cup Anthem vs Andre Kopirov
FAINT Linkin Park . vs KONDO Yuki
Now We Are Free(Maximus Mix?) Lisa Gerrard/Hans Zimmer From Movie"Gladiator"? vs Igor(His Debut)
vs YOKOI Hirotaka
Mark Hunt Not Many The Remix Scribe MAXI His PRIDE debut (vs YOSHIDA)
Hail Mary 2pac .2Pac - Greatest Hits」, or Toss It Up / Hail Mary rumor,vs Dan bobish?
Forgot About Dre Dr. Dre featuring Eminem ..MAXI ..vs Silva
HAKA .folk song Maoris Songs vs Mirko intro
Numb/Encore .Linkin Park & Jay-Z Collision Course vs Mirko
Your House Steel Pulse True Democracy vs NISHIJIMA
Mark Kerr Smack My Bitch Up」= The Prodigy The Fat of the Land .
God of thunder ..original Album "PRIDE fighter theme" -
Take A Look Around movie 2nd Mission Impossible 2(M:i-2) .
Move you Ass . Scooter The sings rough and tough and dengerous94/98"EDEL" .
Mark Coleman Thunder Struck AC/DC Razors Edge In PRIDE-GP etc
Guerrilla Radio Rage Against The Machine Battle of Los Angeles .
WILD HAMMER .. Album "PRIDE fighter theme .
Matsui Daijiro Fudou Damashii OUKA
(Cherry Blossum)
Ookami no Utage
(Party of Wolves)
Title means "Mind not moved by anything"
Broken man OUTRAG WHO WE ARE vs newton etc
Matt Skelton Smash Sumthin’ Redman Malpractice vs Tom
Mauricio Shogun The Chain-Babealicious Mix Ferry Corsten Artist Profile Series 1 His Bushido Debut
(vs GONO Akihiro)
Goa'n mad GMSvsKARAN Evolution vs Rogerio Noguiera(2005 GP 2nd)
MIKE BATMAN BENCIC Batman Theme Movie OST The Batman Trilogy vs Mario Sperry
MILTON VIEIRA. V. L. Parte II(Vida Loka parte II) Racionais MC’s Nada Como Um Dia Apos O Outro Dia .vs SAKURAI
MINOWA Ikuhisa One minute in HeavenCLUB MIX Sunbeam Hard trans rave best mixed by UTO(CD number-VICP62428)

State of Trance
OTOKO MATSURI(vs rampage Jackson),BUSHIDO-2,3(vs Silva,Ryan)
One Minute in Heaven(Radio Edit) Sunbeam MAXI vs KIMO(maybe)
Air Real Splarh??
Mirko Cro-Cop WILD BOYS Duran Duran . ...
Dodji u Vinkovce Shorty .1.68 .
MISAKI kazuo introduction 010 THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS .010 this is same as Shooto period's GOMI music
Mishima Dokonjonosuke FUKUOKASHI Godzilla .edited by SAKAMOTO Ryuichi .DEMO TAPE‐1 this is palody song of OST "Godzilla 1954"
Mo Smith Victory Puff Daddy & the Family No Way Out
MURATA Ryuichi Bawitdaba Kid Rock .Devil Without A Cause ..
MURILO BUSTAMANTE The battle Movie OST The Gladiator vs NAKAMURA
V. L. Parte I(Vida Loka parte 1) Racionais MC’s Nada Como Um Dia Apos O Outro Dia vs SAKURAI
Movie OST Movie OST 2003 PRIDE GP reservefight vs henderson
Murilo Ninja Sandstorm(remix?) Transmatch(Darude?) Launchparty presents hardcore disco Same as W.Silva
Hissatsu Shioki Nin OST .. Ninja Dorama,It means"Assasign".......vs Mario,vs Shoji
Chain [Babealicious Mix] Ferry Corsten Solar Serenades

(Artist Profile Series 1)

PRIDE-27(vs OTSUKA),etc
PRIDE-29(vs Rampage)
Braveheart James Horner . PRIDE-30
NAKAMURA Kazuhiro Symphony No.5 Beethoven Furtwangler Conducts Beethoven in Bushido vs Daniel Gracie
YU-DACHI AGATSUMA Hiromitsu AGATSUMA his common music,This means "Rain in afternoon"
DON QUIJOTE DON QUIJOTE company song DON QUIJOTE is famous supermarket in Japan .they become suponcer of YOSHIDA Dojo from 2006,So NAKAMURA used this company song at vs E.cyborg opening
NAKAMURA Daisuke SEIBU KEISATSUPart2(wonderful guys) .TV OST SEIBU keisatsu Vs Aurelio, this is police action Tv movie
NAKAO Jutaro Samba De Janeiro Bellini .Samba de Janeiro: Non-Stop Best Of BELLINI .
NAKAO"kiss"Yoshihiro Thunderbirds Are Go! -Remix version- TV drama OST , ,
Nino"Elvis"Shembrri Hound Dog Elvis Presley . at His PRIDE debut(vs Olivera)
Jailhouse Rock Elvis Presley . in PRIDE-25(vs Sakuraba)
A Little Less Conversation--JXL Radio Edit Remix Elvis Presley .. in vs HAMANAKA,vs SAKURABA returnmatch
NISHIDA Soichi Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy MR.BIG BIG,BIGGER,BIGGEST! The Best Of MR.BIG vs Enson Inoue
Oba Takahiro MONKEY MAGIC GODAIGO .GODAIGO Great Best TV Drama "Saiyuki"Theme
OGAWA Naoya Gallaxy Express .pro-wrestling original .Puroresu Q3 Debut (vs Godridge vs SATAKE)
the Hustle(Super Hustle Mix) Van Mccoy The Hustle & The Best Of Van McCoy. vs Stephan Leco' and vs G Silva after fight,
DSE Pro-wrestling "Hustle"series maintheme
Original .pro-wrestling original .MAXI in 2004PRIDE-GP
Hustle ONDO OGAWA Naoya .MAXI Introduction in VS Fedor,
"ONDO" means Japanese traditional dance song.OGAWA songs this music
Ohara Miitiyoshi The Heretic Anthem Slip Knot .iowa
KIMIGAYO(Japan anthem )CLUB MIX pro-wrestling original TAKE THE DREAM MUGEN .vs Renzo
OOKUBO Kazuki Your innocence hiro MAXI vs MURATA
Oyama Shungo Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Heart Of Asia-Des Mitchell remix) watergate Trance Match 2(or3) Sakamoto Ryuichi
PAUEL NATURA Original , , ,
Paulo Filio Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)」 John Williams. Star Wars Episode V. vs SHOJI Akira(1st)
Prologue/Anvil of Crom .Basil Poledouris .Conan the Barbarian OST vs Amar Suloev(2005 Bushido-6th) etc
PAULO RODORIGEZ Da Rockwilder Method Man&Redman Blackout .
Phill Baroni "We will rock you"arranged ?. .? vs MINOWA(Bushido 7th)
Mama Said Knock You Out Ll Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out vsMINOWA re-match (2005GP)
Quinton "Rampage"Jackson 45figaz or death NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND NITRO MICROPHONE UNDERGROUND−Def Jam edition PRIDE-20
Crazy night Loudness .. cover music, original singer is other?
Please Lack(?) . . Rumor vs MINOWA?
Rampage PAK .WRAP’D TIGHT original
Ralph Gracie Won’t Back Down "Daredevil"OST ."Daredevil"OST vs MISHIMA
Chaos BC OST .Mortal Kombat: More Kombat vs GOMI,
Renzo Gracie Fort battle .movie OST .The Last Of The Mohicans vs SAKURABA
We Right Here .The Great Depression vs C.Newton
Ricardo Almeida .Hope and Memory OST .The Lord of the Rings .
Ricardo Arona NEXT EPISODE Dr. Dre .2001 From debut to vs Rampage
. .
Ricardo Morais Godzilla Main Title IFUKUBE Akira movie"Godzilla 1954"OST vs Coleman
Come With Me Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page GODZILLA THE ALBUM vs E.Alexunder(Bushido-6th)
Ricco Rodriguez WILD HAMMER .. Album "PRIDE fighter theme" vs G.OCHIAI
Take A Look Around Movie"M:I-2" OST Mission Impossible 2(M:i-2) vs Noguiera
Rodorigo Gracie Dengeki Sentai Changeman Kagetani Hironobu .GOLDEN HIT PARADE SUPER SEITAI This is one of the Sentai-series Japan's hero dorama........USA people maybe know "Powerranger"it is one of these series.
Dengeki-Sentai means"lightning attack team"
KINNIKU MAN Kushida Akira .UTAEMON SUPER HERO RETSUDEN vs TAKASE KINNIKU MAN means"muscle man".Japanimation
Ron Waterman Drag the Waters Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill vs V.Overeem(Debut fight)
I just know disciple This Might Sting A Little
Ryan Gracie Be alive Koyanagi Yuki .EXPANSION vs ISHIZAWA<,vs SAKURABA
Be alive MAXI MAXI .
We Be Clubbin' (Eye Of The Tiger Remix) .Ice Cube & DMX .remix of Rockey 3 vs OYAMA Shungo?
Chaos BC MovieOST .Mortal Kombat: More Kombat. Ivs HAMANAKA
Samba Makossa (Acu'stico MTV)() Charlie Brown Jr .Acustico MTV vs ANJO
SAKATA Wataru Fortuna imperatrix Mundi(Disco version) oriff(original) from "Carmina Burana" .in2003 Otoko Matsuri
「Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Into The Battle Mix)」+「Carmina Burana」」 OST+ entrans musics 「Toys」=「レッスルヒッツ-プロレス・テーマ・オリジナルス」 .
SAKURABA Kazushi single edit TK remix TK(Komuro Tetsuya) movie"SPEED2"OST Normal version
single edit~Club Mix" TK(Komuro Tetsuya) movie"SPEED2"OST From Pride-12?
single edit~TK Re-Mix"-Hono No Koma TK(Komuro Tetsuya) MAXI .
Sky-High Jigsaw The best of Jigsaw PRIDE-11
Super-Mario Introduction Nintendo game Music "Famicom sound history series" vs Kevin Randleman(intro)
Haru no Umi (It means "Spring Sea") .Miyagi Michio oriental music vs Rogeiro,(Intro)
Yume De Aetara
(It means"If I can meet you in the dream")
Rats & Star .BACK TO THE BASIC vs Shembri returnmatch (intro,)
Ichinen sei ni Nattara
(It means "when I become Elementary School student")
.Scool song . 2005 PRIDE-GP 1st (intro)
Music for Child,
(It means"Message for you")
KAIEN-TAI "3nen B gumi Kinpachi Seinsei"OST. 2005 PRIDE-GP 2nd(intro)
.This is junior highschool drama,SoSAK use it(his performance is teenage style)
SAKURAI"mach"Hayato FUJIMI NO Eleki Man High-Lows .Robstar His standard entrance music from shooto period
SENNEN medal (medal of 1000years) THE HIGH-LOWS .Robstar vs GOMI
SANO Naoki Child’s Anthem TOTO Toto vs Rolyer Gracie or HONMA?
DESTINY LIGHT pro-wrestling Theme PURORESU Q vs Newton?
Sasaki Yuki Changes 2pac 2Pac - Greatest Hits vs Rodorigo Gracie
Satake Masaaki Toushi Tenshou Ifukube Akira Base is "GODZILLA 1965",itwas arranged It means"Fighing sprit is flying in Sky"
Semmy Schlt Thunder Struck AC/DC .Razor’s Edge Same as Mark Coleman
Sergey Kharitonov Давай за Любе .Давай за vs LA Giant
Давай за(As Intro) Любе Давай за His Music is two music Mix,this is intro part
. Vladimir Asimov . rumor,really?
.. .. .. ..
SENTORYU Children2002 remix Robert Miles .Techno Party, Vol. 1 remix version
Children(Dream Version)」 Robert Miles Dreamland vs Tompson(as intro)
TENKA MUSO(it means "second to none") Meyou SUKI DESU vs Tompson
SHOJI Akira Yasuko no Taiko Oni Taikoza .Typhoon vs Renzo etc,"Taiko"means Jpanese Dram
Paris ha Moete Iruka? KAKO Ryuichi NHK documentary OST PRIDE-GP Final(vs Coleman), It means"Was Paris burning?"
Original vs Semmy Schlt, etc.
March Of The Argonauts Ten Spellbound
Typhoon Oni Taikoza Typhoon vs Alex etc. "Taiko"means Jpanese Dram
Kernkraft400-OhOhOh Remix Zombie Nation Various Artists / Donald’s Skate Jams Volume IV vsNijna, vsTAMAKAIRIKI,vs paulo Filio
SOA PALELEI, Raise the roof HI-D Girlfriends(MAXI) vs Che Mube
Stefan leko IN DA CLUB 50 Cent 50cent Get Rich or Die Tryin’ In debut,
2003 Dynamite! AKEBONO used it too
Theme from ’The Warriors’ MovieOST Warrior vs MINOWA
Locked Up Akon & Styles P MAXI vsNAKAMURA
SUDA MASANORI the rhythm」 KEMURI Emotivation PRIDE Debut(2005GP)
SUGIE"Amazon"Daisuke BAKA survivor .Wolfulls 9 In Debut
SUGIURA Takashi Do the Evolution Pearl Jam Yield In Debut,Daniel Gracie
Fell in Love With a GirL The White Stripes White Blood Cells vs Giant .SILVA
Tachihikari Hana Dukushi YObidashi Nagao Sumo tradition music(Sumo zinku ketteiban) title means "full of flowers"
TAISHO Runaway Linkin Park Hybrid Theory vs J.Pulver
Takada Nobuhiko Traning Montage . movie"ROCKY4"OST PRIDE1.2,6--11
Sprit higher Kitukawa Koji Glow In The Dark(MAXI PRIDE4,5,
TAKAHASHI Yoshiki You spin me round(like a record) Dead or Alive 80‘s ALIVE"RED" and Youthquake PRIDE-GP2004 1st(vs Heath)
Bodies Drowning Pool .Sinner Bushido,(.vs Igor)
Takase Daiju
(He use many music's sampling)
Sekai Ni hitotu Dake no hana(As intro) SMAP .. it means "This is only one flower in the world"
Faint Linkin Park .Meteora vs Anderson Silva
World Cup 2002 anthem vangeriz . In Bushido-1(vs Rodorigo)
Takayama Yoshihiro Sympathy for the Devil Guns and Roses . (vs Fujita) original is Rolling stones,covers by them
Jumpin’ Jack Flash The Rolling Stones .. PRIDE-21(vs Don Frye)
TAKIMOTO Makoto Soko Ni Aru Kamo Shrenai .GAME MUSIC ."YOSHIMUNE"OST vs Sentoryu

This song is for "pachinko"..Japan .gambling Machine BGM.It means"maybe I can find it there"
Kagayake DREAM .GAME MUSIC "OSU! bancho".("Sir Yes sir,my Boss!")
vs TAMURA Kiyoshi

This song is for "pachinko"..Japan .gambling Machine BGM.
TAMAKAIRIKI Zato ichi no uta KATSU Shintaro KATSU Shintaro ZENKYOKUSHU This Zato ichi is old version,not KITANO Takeshi's remake version
Tamura Kiyoshi Flame of Mind .original ."UWF LEGEND" only 2003 GP was other music
??? .. .. only in 2003 PRIDE-GP,other music is used
Tom Elicson Who let a dog out .Baha Men Who let a dog out same as K-1 Rey Sefo
Hair of the Dog Nazareth Hair of the Dog vs Heath Herring?
UEYAMA Ryuki Boom! Shake the Room DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince Code Red .
VALENTIJN OVEREEM Blade OST Blade vs Gary Goodridge
Firestarter The Prodigy The Fat of the Land vs Aserio Silva
VERNON TIGER WHITE Fifteen Minutes Of Fame Damn Yankees Don’t Tread vs SAK
Wanderlei Da Silva Slaughterama .Gwar Scumdogs of the Universe In debut fight etc
Impossive! Biquini Cavadao Remixes vs OYAMA Shungo
Sandstorm〜Dive in the Pool Louie DeVito Launchparty presents hardcore disco
State of Trance

NYC Underground Party, Vol. 3
Darude version has voice "Come on!! come on Boy!!"
Walige Ismail Funkastic .RIP SLYME .FUNKASTIC(MAXI really?
Yamamoto Yoshihisa(Norihisa) Captured .Camel .Nude Same as his teacher Maeda Akira
Born to face the pain . . .
Speak for yourself Gary Moore After the War In PRIDE Bushido 3(vs Korean)
Yamakoto Kenichi Joukyou Monogatari Sharan Q .Loss Time in Debut(vs Randelman)Title means"The story when I came to capital city"
GT-Gran Turismo- Crazy Ken Band .Gran toolism vs A.OTSUKA.
The battle without honor or humanity
Movie OST
("Kiil Bill")
.Movie OST
("Kiil Bill")
Yasuda Tadao Moeyo Ara Washi-orchestra version puroresu some NEW JAPAN PROWRETLING Entrance collection.
(Foe example http://www.tomozo.com/NJPW/RingSide/CD/CD13.html )
Title means"burn your sprit,brave eagle!"
Yatsu Yoshiaki Perry Mason .Ozzy Osbourne .Ozzmosis vs Gary
Yokoi Hirotaka EXODUS .Bob Marley & The Wailers .Exodus .Except PRIDE-29(vs Mario Sperry)
Yoshida Hidehiko. The Sercret MIRAI("future") .PUNK DRUNKER ..
. . . ..

About Ninja
*ニンジャは前にも書いたように、レアトラックが収録されたブート盤だと思うんですよ。サントラはちょっと違いますし、まだ「The Celtic Circle」収録の、「Braveheart Trilogy」の方が近い。DJ Sakin & Friendsの「Protect Your Mind」の原曲にもなってますから。でもドンピシャは「enya - braveheart」なんですよね(苦笑)。
だけどこれ、Enyaの姉のMoya Brennanと間違えてないかな。もしくはClannadと。ClannadやMoyaの方が、ケルト&バグパイプ全開って感じなんですけど、EnyaがClannadにいた時期と違うしなぁ。まぁあそこは兄弟姉妹が多いし、一家で色々やってるからよく分からないです。James Hornerも当初は、「Titanic」の主題歌をEnyaに歌わせようとしてたので、何らかの繋がりがあるのかもしれません。

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