Rare picture postcards among my collection and old ones given to me with short explanation

UPDATE 2013/06/17
‚P@‚R|‚c ‚Q@copper postcard ‚R@animal shaped ‚S@spa ‚T@inns & hotels
‚U@ship ‚V@airplane ‚W@exhibition ‚X@fine art museum 10@Japanese women
11@AINU 12@occupied Korea 13@expo 14@Tokyo Olympics 15@flowers
16 royal family 17@punk 18@homeless 19@South American Indian 20@women in bathing suit
21@festival 22@Yasukuni Shrine 23@DVD •LD freebie 24@paintiing 25@prefecture tourist section
26@U.N. 27@school trip 28@sightseeing bus trip 29@dam 30@Aborigine
31@KDD 32@bullfight 33@nude 34 Japanese food 35 Mitsukoshi
36 summer greetings        

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